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Our Process

Contact Form

Prospect fills out online Content Brief form. This form gathers vital details about the client's project requirements, helping us comprehensively understand their vision and needs.

Initial Discovery Call

The prospect is contacted by PIN Film Studio's Account Manager to arrange an initial meeting, during which the team discusses the project's overview, budget considerations, branding, and strategy, as well as the preferred tone and style. This comprehensive conversation ensures a clear grasp of the client's vision and objectives.

Video Team Internal Meeting

PIN Film Studio creates an RFP with multi-tiered options, an overview of what is included, and pricing for each package.

Video Proposal

RFP is sent to the client from the Account Manager.

Product Choice.

Client chooses their package and notifies PIN Film Studio and follows up with them, addressing any concerns

Video Brainstorm

A Content Brief Review meeting convenes with the Video Team and Account Manager to establish the client's rapport with the company, deliberate the overarching marketing campaign strategy, synergize the video's role within the campaign, strategize the video campaign, and formulate a tailored proposal. An alluring sample video adeptly demonstrates our prowess for premium contracts or esteemed clients. Meanwhile, meticulous scripting guarantees a captivating narrative harmonizing with the client's vision.

Video Proposal Meeting

The Video Team and Account Manager present the video proposal to the client based on their content brief. Present a video marketing funnel plan to the client regarding the deliverables they are receiving and budget spend plan.


Efficiently coordinating talent and crew availability, securing optimal filming locations if needed, finalizing shot lists and story outlines, and collaboratively curating assets with the Paid Media and Graphic Design teams for editing, encompass our comprehensive pre-production process.

Production/ Filming

Assigned videographers execute the shoot, capturing high-quality b-roll and interview footage within the designated timeframe. Drone shots are employed as needed, enhancing the visual appeal.


Footage is promptly uploaded to both the backup and working drives, followed by assembly editing in Adobe Premiere, incorporating color corrections, stabilization, custom logos, graphics, and additional VFX via After Effects dynamic link. Audio is expertly mastered using Premiere/Audition, before exporting the final product for client review, allowing for up to two revisions (with the possibility of extra revisions at an additional cost).

Final Delivery

All versions of the final product (including different cuts/formats for social media) are sent via a Google Drive link to the client.